A STAAR Review



Steps to calculate slope

  1. In order to calculate slope you need……. 2 PERFECT POINTS.  Write them down.
  2. Once you have the 2 points/ordered pairs you can find the slope formula on the…… STAAR CHART. Write the formula down.
  3. Now you MUST LABEL your 2 perfect points. ***Remember it is (x, y) the x value is 1st
  4. Now that your points are labeled you can PLUG IN or substitute your numbers in the formula.
  5. You can solve using your…… CALCULATOR.
  6. If you get a decimal and want a fracction use your calculator and push the MATH button then ENTER and ENTER again and your answer should be in fractions form.

– Love Yall!!! Mrs. Molina 🙂


Y-Intercept = b

Steps to find the y-intercept

  1. Use your eyes and follow the line on the graph.
  2. Notice where the lines touches or meets the y-axis ( the one that goes up and down)
  3. The y value at this location is the y- intercept.