Financial Literacy: Tuition and Loans



2 year/60 credit hours comparison of in-district/in-state tuition costs 2014-2015

ACC’s low tuition gives you the opportunity to pursue a college degree without breaking the bank. We’re the most affordable choice for college in the area.

In class we used the ACC website and Cappex to compare college prices for tuition.

Tuition is a sum of money charged for teaching or instruction by a school, college, or university.

We viewed the video below and explored different Financial Aid options.

Types of Financial Aid

Below is an overview of financial aid awarded to students. For more details, click the type of aid in the left column.

Types of Financial Aid
Type Details Repayment Required? Award Criteria Additional Application?
Grants State or federal money that is considered gift aid. No, unless you fail to complete attempted classes. Varies, must show greatestfinancial need. No, but other forms may be requested.
Loans Money you borrow from government or private lenders. Yes, plus interest. Must be withinloan debt limits. Yes, a student loan request form.
Scholarships Gift aid awarded to students by the ACC Foundationor outside groups. Funding is limited. No, unless you fail to complete attempted classes. Varies, may considerGPA, financial need, collegemajor, or other factors. Yes, a scholarship application.
Work Study Part-time work at competitive wages. Funding is limited. No. Must show financial need. No, but other forms may be requested.
Other assistance Includes tuition exemptions, military assistance, and emergency funds. Varies Varies

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